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CREST workshop on

Computational Models of Auditory Processing

8-9, July, 2002

ATR (Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute)
2-2-2 Hikaridai, "Keihanna Science City", Kyoto 619-0288 Japan
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Thank you for your interest and participation. The workshop was great success. We are looking forward to seeing you again!


A Japanese research initiative, CREST (Core Research for Evolutionary Science and Technology) has been funding a project entitled "Auditory Brain" for a duration of five years to promote research activities on computational aspects of speech and audio information processing. A workshop featuring introductions to accomplishments of the project will be held as a satellite workshop of ICAD'2002, 2-5, July 2002. Participants of ICAD'2002 are encouraged to participate in this workshop. The workshop covers the following topics including several invited lectures.


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Technical program

Instructions for the presenters




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